About Us

About FIAM

Fiam WiFi is one of Nigeria’s newest telecommunications companies, providing internet via Hot Spots to underserved communities that has been short changed for internet by incumbent operators. Our business is based on a disruptive way of delivering internet access to communities based on proven wifi technology of. A strategy focused on driving down cost of delivery and ensuring integration into the communities we serve, by actively driving digital inclusion through partnerships with healthcare and educational providers of content, we can make a difference. Our DNA is designed to maximize social impact alongside a financially sustainable model. Fiam provides a trusted reliable, fast and affordable internet service. Developed for the people of the community, delivered by the people of the community.


Rural Connectivity

Wide coverage for better inclusion of under-served communities in low-income areas where there's a need for internet connectivity.

Ultra-low cost

Get the best internet service at the lowest rates. We believe a Connected Community is an Empowered Community.

Community Focus

We truly care about the communities we serve and that’s all resources are sourced from the community.

The FIAM Approach

Proven & Innovative Technology

  • Access via wide-area Wi-Fi spots. Proven technology with lower CAPEX costs
  • Wireless back-haul. Enabling low cost urban and rural deployment long distances from fiber
  • ...
  • Solar powered equipment thus reducing overall Capex and Opex
  • Edge caching reducing content delivery costs
  • Stand alone Access Points can be maintained with little technical capacity

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Delivery & Support Tightly Integrated Into Target Communities

  • Equipment hosted in community buildings such as schools and commercial buildings in exchange for free limited internet
  • ...
  • Face to face sales and customer care delivered by field agents who reside within the community creating local employment
  • Network maintenance provided by residents from teh community creating local employment

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Sales & Marketing Proposition Oriented To Low Income Market

  • Pricing significantly cheaper than competitors
  • Content including healthcare and education
  • Guerilla marketing
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  • Clear, transparent pricing with no data bundle expiry or validity periods
  • Partnerships with mobile money, micro loans, credit scoring businesses thus driving financial inclusion

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Akin Marinho Founder & C.E.O

Akin has over twenty years corporate legal experience in the United Kingdom and Nigeria. Having worked at law firms and investment banks in London and Lagos. He graduated from the University of Keele with a B.A. Hons Law and Politics in 1994 he has a Masters of Law in Banking and International Finance from the University of London.... Akin was admitted to the Law Society of England & Wales in 2002 and the Nigerian bar in 2005. Prior to founding Fiam WiFi he was Senior Vice President, Capcom Telecom, he was seconded from Avenue Partners; strategic advisors to Capcom supporting the firm as it sought to raise funding to undertake its planned merger with several moribund telcos. Outside of his professional life, Akin is the Exeutive Director of the Bolanle Marinho Foundation which builds and runs activity centers for children from lesser-privileged backgrounds. Akin also sits on the Advisory Board of IC Publications, the publishers of African Business. The board is chaired by the former President of South Africa Thabo Mbeki.

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